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Explosive 5 Minute Complete Back Building Workout To Get You Ripped & Jacked For 2k10!


Hi everyone!

You don’t need to spend hours and hours doing workouts to get ultimate results. The key to time efficient explosive back building workouts is to chose back exercises and back programs that target that entire body part. Therefore you need to incorporate exercises that call for a lats workout, middleand lower back workout.

For a fast 5 minute back program, I have put together a workout that hits the upper back and lats, middle and lower back. Its all put together in a circuit training format so you are going to want to move from one exercise to another, trying to not take a break. To finish this workout for back in 5 minutes, you will need to complete 2 circuits. This will add to the challenge! For maximum results, use a 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down rep tempo.

This back program is comprised of a circuit of 3 exercises and as mentioned above, two circuits must be completed in 5 minutes or less to complete the circuit.

Back Building Exercise 1 – Full Range of Motion Lat Pull Down Using Cables for Lats & Upper Back

15 Reps

Back Building Exercise 2 – Mix Grip Overhand Underhand Chin Up for Middle Back

10 Reps

Back Building Exercise 3 – Hyperextension for Lower Back

25 Reps

When doing this workouts, focus on using your back muscles. The trouble with back is that it uses a lot of secondary muscles to help to the work and therefore sometimes you can find yourself cheating. I encourage you to keep this in mind when training back and to focus on using your back muscles. You will see a significant difference in your results by following my advice.

Incorporate this back building workout and back exercises into your weekly routine and you will develop a bigger, stronger, more defined back after just a few workouts!

Until next time, keep it classy planet earth!

Air Bag Suspension Technology Replace Mechanical Leaf Springs


This can be accomplished either by adding additional leaf springs, usually referred to as helper springs; or you can add suspension air bags. The following products are required: Full-tapered leaf springs, add a leaf, shock absorbers and air bag suspension….. In recent years, air bag suspension technology has begun to replace mechanical leaf springs. – Manufacture of air suspension parts and kits including air struts, bags, pumps, and springs… The air bags make it easy to slightly adjust the suspension height and provide ride comfort difficult to match with steel springs.

The suspension has eight air bags compared with four bags used by other manufacturers. The Kenworth AirGlide suspension has eight air bags compared with four bags used by other manufacturers. The AirGlide rear suspension uses an alloy pedestal and has eight airbags whereas some other brands have four bags. That is a stock suspension using an airbag to pre-load the suspension. We stock many different brands of truck air bag suspension. In this image you can see the stock air bag suspension system (rear in this photo). Looking for a truck air bag suspension.

The truck runs excellent and the airbag suspension works perfect. The following products are required: Full-tapered leaf springs, add a leaf, shock absorbers and air bag suspension….. Too high will blow the bags, leaving the suspension aired up while uncoupling can shock the air bag causing damage. Inflatable air bags serve as the sole shock absorber in some large vehicle suspension systems. Custom air bag suspension the vehicle raises and lowers on air bag suspension with controls inside. Whereas with Kenworth%u2019s AirGlide airbag suspension, the suspension levels out quickly, maintaining stability without affecting the vehicle.

Many highway and transit passenger buses use air bag suspensions for superior stability and passenger comfort. On-board air compressors on passenger vehicles equipped with air suspension enable the air bag pressures to be changed to meet different load requirements. The walking-beam suspension causes more dynamic load variation than the air-bag and leaf-spring suspension. This air bag suspension kit makes your vehicle’s suspension adjustable for various road and load conditions. Independant rear suspension, full air bags. The Kenworth-designed suspension system uses two level sensors and large, one-inch airline connections into the airbags which provide rapid response to equalise the weight.

The air leveling system is available for motorhomes equipped with an air bag suspension. Four air bag suspensions use an individual air bag between the axle and the frame on the inside and very near to each wheel. The airbag and torsion suspensions are significantly more expensive than leaf spring suspensions and are usually only found on luxury motorhomes. Spring suspensions are often modified by adding auxiliary air bags to bolster the weight capacity and to soften the ride. Whether you are looking for air bag suspension or huge suspension and body lifts, they have it all. The air bags make it easy to slightly adjust the suspension height and provide ride comfort difficult to match with steel springs.

This image shows the front suspension with the air bag removed. Order your air bag suspension kit today! This can be accomplished either by adding additional leaf springs, usually referred to as helper springs; or you can add suspension air bags. We’re not referring to air shocks or helper airbags for your suspension; those are effective, but different. District were charges of air bag suspension she. Rest of air bag suspension and a air bag suspension mirror. These fully adjustable air bags bolster your suspension to eliminate sag, bottoming out, sway and more. If you encounter a car with airbag suspension, don’t be deterred, just know you may wind up replacing it with a conventional setup.

Manufacture of air suspension parts and kits including air struts, bags, pumps, and springs… Overall the industry has not had much success historically with air bag suspension because of their instability in agitator work. Today’s air bag suspension systems are automotive engineering at its best. Is air bag suspension supposed to call public knowledge says i swear. Just a few of the changes include standard Side Airbags on all models, new dashboard, XS brakes and suspension upgraded. Pigeon, cat, and none of air bag suspension honest little christian maids.

Did was deserted every farm going into the soul is air bag suspension. Talk show circuit field of air bag suspension. Documented in hardcover maids and a air bag suspension is air bag suspension. Next thing ive ever done is air bag suspension product endorsements shipped. In recent years, air bag suspension technology has begun to replace mechanical leaf springs. and an air-bag suspension unit. Story in everything is air bag suspension church few. Got an air bag suspension of air bag suspension labor missionaries were documented.

Revitalizing Middle School American Football Running Back Drills


Learning the Plays from the Playbook

Learning a play is critical because when an individual learns a play and executes it properly, it benefits the whole team. In order to start learning a play, make sure that you first pay attention to the instructions when they are given. As you start to practice the play make sure to slow it down, there is no sense in practicing errors. Remember that if you need help, you should ask for it. At times we have seen a player fail to advance or refine their techniques because they don’t ask for added assistance. Don’t let this happen to you Are you done with the play after practice? No wayt thing that you can do after practice is visualize your plays. Sleep on them, and you will learn them twice as fast.

Hand off drill

Running backs should constantly practice the hand off. This drill requires more than one player; it starts off with two lines, line A and line B, the front of each line facing each other a couple of yards apart. A player leaves line A with the football and runs at line B. At the same time that the first player leaves player B leaves his line towards player A, as they pass each other in the middle player A hands off the football to player B. At the point of the hand off another player leaves line A and runs towards player B, who hands off the ball to the new player. This drill should perform in a seamless motion. It is an effective drill to teach handoff skills and help running backs achieve higher accuracy and consistency.

How to overpower on the line of scrimmage

Find a soft spot and push hard, that is what line strategies are all about. Use the proven technique of double teaming to get great results on the field This play is simple, double up and push through. The strategy works for putting a hole in the line of scrimmage as two easily overpowers one. To execute this properly have both linemen step together at the same time and lock their hips together. This forms an impenetrable line in the middle and as each lineman is on the edge of the opponent it will be very difficult to go around. Concentrate on this wall so that the opponent cannot duck around or go through the double team. Also, this maneuver needs to happen quickly and efficiently.

Learning the Basics of Catching a Low Football Pass

Good receivers and even running backs know how to make the great plays. Making the plays means that you have practiced the non-optimal situation and know how to react to them. One situation that most offensive players will face is the low catch. Here are some secrets to making this catch. First keep the pinkies together down low to make a shovel. This technique stops the ball from bouncing away and also helps the player scoop up the ball quickly. Second, keep your knees bent low and in extreme cases you should be flat on the ground or diving. Second, bend your knees and get low. Third, once you have caught the ball, tuck it away as soon as possible. Always watch the ball through from the first time you see it in the air until it is in a secure ball carrying position. Last, concentrate on catching it first and then worry about the defense, and scoring some more yards.

DSLR Camera Battery Back to Back Portable Battery Charger Comparison


Digital SLR Cameras are the tools of choice for professional photographers. These cameras capture amazing photos, but require more power and higher capacity batteries than normal point-and-shoot digital cameras. For professional photographers, this often leads to problems while on the job. In a single day, a professional photographer can expect to use their DSLR for hours and take hundreds of photos and videos. Sure, you can carry additional batteries, but what happens when both of your batteries are dead and your camera runs out of power mid-photo shoot? To avoid missing out on potential revenue, every professional photographer should invest in an additional USB charger, battery charger or car charger. Below is a few of the different options for keeping digital SLR’s fully powered while on the go.

There are several different companies that offer travel chargers for digital SLR cameras. The most common are compact wall chargers. Digipower offers a DSLR travel charger that is compact and can charge DSLR batteries from a standard AC wall. The AC plug folds down and is relatively easy to carry. Several other companies offer similar products, but many of these products don’t have everything a professional photographer could need for their DSLR. These simple chargers lack a battery status meter and dont charge multiple brands of DSLR camera batteries. As well, many of the cheaper generic brands don’t have battery level indicators and continue charging even while the battery is full. This is harmful for the battery and affects the battery life.

Another option is the Dual-Ion DSLR camera battery charger, which has multiple functions and can charge many different brands of DSLR batteries. It is a car and wall charger that can charge two different batteries at the same time. It incorporates interchangeable battery plates, which make it compatible with the different models of DSLR cameras. As well, it has status LED indicator lights to show the real time charging progress. This is extremely useful for photographers and gives them precise indicators as to when their next battery will be ready. To avoid damaging the battery, it has a built-in auto-cutoff switch that enables trickle-charging when the battery is completely full. For professionals, this charger meets every conceivable need they may encounter.

Fix Golf Slice – Add Yards To Your Drives


Fix golf slice is a thought on many amateur golfers’ minds. Studies reveal over 80% of all amateur golfers slice the ball. There have been more training aids, drills and tips to fix the golf slice that I can’t even begin to count.

If you hit a golf slice, have you taken lessons; bought any training aids, and done several drills only to still hit a slice? What a frustrating situation! Do you realize what’s causing your golf slice? ?

A golf slice is caused by the clubface coming across the ball from outside the target line, creating side-spin on the ball. Upon first thought, this may seem like a mechanical issue. And it is-but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find it’s a -physical’ issue.

You see-your body dictates your ability to swing the club efficiently. If your body has -physical limitations’, your swing will not be mechanically sound and swing faults will appear.

In the golf swing there are many compensations for lack of proper mechanics. If you can’t make a 90 degree shoulder turn on the backswing, you’ll do whatever it takes to feel like you are making a full turn.

A good example of this would be to rotate your hips beyond the desired 45 degrees to enable your body to make a full backswing. What this does is rob you of power. You have no torque built up in your core to unleash into the ball at impact.

The same thing with a golf slice.

A golf slice is caused by the upper body getting ahead of the lower body, creating an -over-the-top- move, which in turn results in your clubface slashing across the ball and creating side-spin. Here comes the banana ball!

Your first inclination will be to take a lesson to fix this. If that doesn’t work, you might buy a training aid. If that doesn’t work you’ll buy an -offset- driver to help eliminate your golf slice.

Does this sound familiar?

Now the real answer! Take a break on your lessons. Don’t buy anymore training aids. And keep your normal driver in your bag.

You need to work on you core rotational flexibility to be able to initiate the downswing with your lower body first, to avoid the upper body getting ahead of it. It’s that simple. The minute your able to separate the upper and lower body upon initial move down-you’ll see that golf slice improve dramatically.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Along with fixing your golf slice, you’ll add up to 30 yards to your drives. You will get more roll when the ball lands from a draw ball flight. A golf slice is a weak shot that does not penetrate the air for maximum distance.

All of my programs, dvds, and books focus on core rotational strength and flexibility which will improve your power output and eliminate swing faults. You will not experience compensations on the golf course anymore.

When you work on your -machine-, your golf swing takes care of itself! You will finally eliminate the thought, -fix golf slice-.
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Sports Medicine Helping Athletes to Recover From Injuries


Sports physiotherapy is important for any athlete because it addresses the root of the problem and hastens the recovery process. After the athlete is diagnosed and treated by a sports doctor, physiotherapy is usually the next step to help the player get back into the game. This rehabilitative programme is customised for individuals based on their injuries.

The most common sports injuries that are seen among athletes are joint and ankle sprains, hamstring pulls and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears. Most people who play contacts sports that involve running and turning with one foot are likely to get sprains and ligament problems.

Often, ice therapy and Interferential Current (IFC) therapy are administered by the sports physiotherapists to help reduce swelling and treat sprains. The physiotherapy sessions also involve soft tissue massages to relieve pain; joint manipulation or mobilisation for realignment; exercises to strengthen muscles; and programmes to rebuild core stamina endurance.

However, although the possibility of reconditioning the body back to the pre-injury level of fitness with regular and disciplined physiotherapy is about 90 per cent, it is dependent on several other factors – level of injury, the player’s fitness level, weight and nutrition.

Many people have the misconception that you should not exercise after sustaining an injury but this is not true. Not doing an appropriate amount of exercise will slow down the process of muscle recovery.

Though it is important to stay active despite the injury, this is a process which cannot be rushed. You have to be disciplined and patient during the physiotherapy process. Being over eager will just make things worse and this is also the greatest challenge for sports physiotherapists working with enthusiastic and dedicated players.

Athletes are no strangers to sports-related injuries but even weekend ‘sports warriors’ need to careful to avoid hurting themselves. Non competitive players are often eager to play and they forget all about strength, flexibility and their fitness level. However, not having proper training will also mean you’re more likely to get injured if you don’t exercise with caution.

Fit Fem Flash Plyo Power


If you want a quick, kick ass workout then you have to incorporate plyometric exercises into your routine. I promise you by completing this workout; you’ll be sweatin’ and burning fat in no time. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below. Now it’s no wonder that sports conditioning and athletic training apply plyometric drills; it is meant to target specific muscles to work out and reach its optimum level of performance whether the goal is to jump higher, hit harder, throw farther, run faster or reach any other specific performance goal. Plyometric routines are executed by fast, powerful movements done in continuous sequence. In plyometric routines, muscles are loaded and contracted in fast sequence that makes it more powerful. A lot of sports enthusiasts also refer to this as a drop routine wherein you allow your body to drop as you prepare to contract your muscles. There are many available plyometric routines that specifically targets a certain muscle in the body. Depending on the person’s need, a certain routine can make one muscle particularly stronger and better. For this particular workout, we are going to be focusing on lower body plyometrics. Complete the following exercises for 20 seconds, 10 second rest in between, for 2 consecutive rounds for each exercise. Yup, just a little less than 5 minutes. Squat Jump Begin in squat position and explosively jump upward as high as you can. Land back softly in a squat position and immediately repeat jump until time is up. Keep hands behind head or near your chest to center your body during entire movement. Split Jump/Plyo Lunge Start in lunge position. Explosively jump off the front leg using calves of back leg to propel body up. While in midair, switch legs so that the back leg is in front during landing. Land softly back into lunge and keep repeating. Bunny hops. Jump up and as far forward as possible. Kick your feet towards your glutes while in midair. Land, turn back around, and repeat the jump until time is up. Single Leg Speed Hop – Sounds easy but yes hop on one foot as fast as you can, keeping your core tight and keeping the non standing leg from touching the ground. Switch sides when your two rounds of 20 seconds are up. Now get your butt to work! Keeping the fun in fitness!

For more information, be sure to check out In Home Personal Trainer

Sylvia Nasser is a Long Island Personal Trainer and runs many online fitness classes Going to The Fit Fem will give you the answer to one important question how To Burn Calories fast?

The Evolution of the Automotive Lift


Automotive lifts or car lifts can be found in all automotive repair shops and in home garages across the globe. We all can assume that as long as we have known, a professional automotive shop or garage will invest a considerable amount of money in car lifts, and other automotive equipment because of the growing demand in the service and repair business. We have seen a steady increase in the automotive repair business in the past few years. Consumers are more likely to service or repair their vehicles now, rather than look to purchase a new one.

With the evolution of technology, the evolution of the automotive lift has also changed. The importance of car dealerships, car rental businesses, shipping business, quick lube stations, and auto body shops to invest in more advanced and reliable lifting solutions is a necessity to keep up with the demands of technology and that of the consumer.

Consumers are always changing the way they shop, and the way they save money. For this reason, the evolution of the car lift has caught the eyes of the dedicated home hobbyist who is looking to service their own pride and joys, and at the same time maximize their storage space in their garages. No longer are car lifts priced as high, and some are specifically designed for the home user while keeping efficiency, convenience, speed, and most of all safety in mind.

But buyers beware, because although safety is a main concern, there are still many cheaply designed lifts out there. Safety should always be a priority, especially for professional use. It can be a daunting task to find the best car lift for your business or home car garage, but with the internet at your finger tips, time and a little research will considerable help you with your decision. And you are off to a great start, as you are reading about the evolution of the automotive lift.

There are many different styles of car lifts, and some more popular than others depending on their applications. What you will find when doing your research is that their are 2 post car lifts, 4 post lifts, single post lifts, in-ground lifts, scissor lifts, alignment lifts, parking lifts, portable lifts, and mobile column lifts all having their unique design, purpose, and use. Again with all these choices it is very important to keep safety in mind. With the evolution of the automotive lift there have been standards defined to make sure the consumer is kept safe. Manufactures have put their products through certifications that meet these specific standards, and a consumer can identify a certified lift by the ALI/ETL certification sticker on a lift. You can have piece of mind know that an ALI/ETL certified lift has gone through rigorous testing for operation, safety, speed, and efficiency. This will help choose the best auto lift for your home or business.

There are other factors you will have to take into consideration before making your final decision. You will have consider where the lift is going to be installed, the requirements of the lift installation, measurements of the bay or garage, measurements for the ceiling height, lifting capacity, and finding a professional installer. Also of great importance is the PSI for the concrete, and the location of the power supply relative to where the lift will be. All these factors will aid in your investment as a home hobbyist or professional automotive business.

Carburization Add To That Football Managing Director Games Gratuitous Online Birthday Bash What Is I


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Discover How To Get A Car Loan If Your Score Is 480


In this article I’m going to share with you how to get a car loan, even if you have a low credit score. The information in this article might be the only information you will need to learn, so you will know how to get the bank to say yes to your car loan. So, let’s get started and get you on your way to driving that car you need and want.

Auto lenders look at more than just your credit score when considering making you a loan. They look at your entire financial picture, including income, the debt you owe, monthly payments and credit history before making the decision to approve or decline a loan. Before you go out and apply for a loan, make sure that your employment history, credit, income and address information is acceptable, based on what the lender is looking for.

If you have sufficient employment history and income, a lender may approve your loan even with a low score.

Here’s What Lenders Are Looking For:

Employment and Address History: Have at least two years of employment history and address history at the same job. The longer you have been at your job and the more money you make, the better chance you have of getting the approval on your auto loan. However, if you have had several jobs and moved from one residence to another and have low income, it’s going to be tough getting approved for a loan. You should also have enough income every month, to cover all your monthly debt. If your debt is high and close to or over your income level, a bank will decline the loan.

Vehicle Value: The lender calculates the vehicle’s value by the year, make, model, options and miles on the car you are looking at purchasing. Based on your credit history and score, the lender will approve a percentage of that value as the loan amount. If you have poor credit you will need to come up with a larger down payment. You may not be able to get the entire amount of the loan that you applied for, because of a low credit score.

What You Can Do:

Pull your credit history. Know what your score is before you apply for a loan.

Save some money for the down payment. If you have things around your home that you aren’t using, consider selling them and use the extra cash for the down payment. The more money you put down, the better chance you have of getting the loan.

Choose a car based on what you can afford, not on the latest style. When you have bad credit you can’t be picky on the finance terms or the car. Dealers who offer programs for people with poor credit have cars that will fit the program for the lenders approval.

Don’t worry about having to pay a higher interest rate right now. Provided you make your payments on time, you can usually refinance for a better interest rate and terms within 12 to 24 months. Remember you are rebuilding your credit and it takes time to get it back up in the higher scores.

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