Month: October 2016

Tips to Help you Drive Safe in the Winter


The winter season can be jolly, filled with bright Christmas lights on houses, manger scenes, Santa stuck on the roof and what have you. But sometimes other joys come into play as well, like the joy of making sure your car wont fail you on the icy streets, the joy of driving to the side of the road and putting chains on your car, and the joy of driving with those who have completely forgotten how to drive when any change of weather appears. These tips will help you keep you and your vehicle jolly during the winter season:

1)Check your windshield washer fluid. If you have anything besides washer fluid in your reservoir, it will freeze. Make sure you have plenty of washer fluid as you will be using plenty to make sure you can see through your windshield

2)Replace your wipers. In areas that have snowfall, you will be driving through that soupy muck thats left on the road thanks to the highway department and you will need working wipers to keep your windshield clean and safe.

3)Inspect your tires. Tires are the one thing that could help you from running into that mountain, tree, or scared deer. Now is not the time to get cheap about your tires, especially if you deal with harsh winter weather in your area. The National Highway Transportation Safety Board says you need at least 2/32″ of depth to be safe. Be sure to check the tire pressure of your vehicle, as they lose pressure when it gets cold.

4)Check your anti-freeze. Your car contains a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze. Make sure the level is full and the mixture is close to 50/50. Many service stations and repair centers will check this mixture free, or you can buy a tester for around $5.

5)Inspect your brakes. Like tires, its not smart to get thrifty when it comes to your brakes. Be sure they are in top shape to get you through the season.

Its always beneficial to know how you can be cautious and prepared when it comes to you and your vehicles well being during the winter season. Being aware of it now and taking precautionary measures could save you thousands in the future. To get quality maintenance on your vehicle with friendly and highly experienced technicians, visit Nissan of St. Charles today.

Kansas City Bad Credit Car Dealership – Here to Help You


Do you have a bad credit history? Are you having trouble getting a dealership to take a chance on you? You aren’t alone. In these tough times when jobs are scarce and the economy is up and down, but mostly down, it can be brutal trying to find a car when you need one most. Even in Kansas City, where dealerships are plentiful, it can be hard to find a Kansas City bad credit car dealership who works with buyers who have a less than spotless credit history. But, they are out there; it just takes a little looking around to find them.

If you have little or no credit because of poor choices in the past or because you were hit hard during the economic downturn, there is no reason you shouldn’t be allowed the opportunity to rebuild your credit. In Kansas City, bad credit car dealerships know how to work with prospective buyers like yourself so that you can be driving off the lot in a new pre-owned car in no time. With in-house financing, these dealerships are eager to give you that chance you’ve been waiting for and just like you, they want to see you driving off happy, able to do what you need and go where you want.

Kansas City and the surrounding communities have become some of the most commuted areas in the country. If you live in Kansas City, but work somewhere like Olathe, or Lawrence, you must be able to have a dependable ride to get you back and forth. And, while family, friends, and co-workers may offer to give you a ride, there’s no guarantee that one day they won’t be able to because of illness, obligations, or their own car trouble. It’s important to have the security of your own vehicle. Not only that, if you are someone who needs to rebuild their credit history, paying for a car is one of the best ways you can do this.

Don’t let the fear of hearing a no stop you from pursuing your need to have a dependable car. In Olathe, there are bad credit car dealerships just waiting to help you turn your situation around. With a down payment and as little as three months proof of income, residency verification, a Kansas driver’s license and the ability to have full coverage insurance or being willing to sign up for an in-house program that provides additional coverage with your liability, you can be driving home today in pre-owned vehicle that’s in like-new condition, taking charge of your life once again.

Information About Attending College


There are a number of things that one has to consider when deciding to go to college. First off, choosing a school is of the utmost of importance. Luckily, you have a lot of great options when it comes to schools. Generally, there are two different types of schools, two year schools and four year schools. For the purposes of this article we are going to refer to two year schools as community colleges and four year schools as university.

If you are in high school, which I expect most of you are then teachers have probably been drilling advice on college since your freshmen year. The reality is that it is not too hard to get into a college now-a-days. Really, the hard part has to do with finding money to attend college.

I have met some amazing people over time and have learned some of their tricks to getting money for college. Obviously, it is recommended that you sign up for financial aid or FAFSA. For you community college students out there financial aid can actually cover a lot of your costs. However, you will inevitably enter a four year school if you plan on finishing your education. This is where you are going to have to get more creative on how you pay for college. Sure, FAFSA will help you pay for some of the burden but not a large portion of it.

As a result, students are turning to scholarships or grants. Some students even go as far as to take out a student loan. I would recommend that you take out a student loan as a last ditch effort as student loans can leave you in debt. Some popular scholarship sites you can search for scholarships on are: and Of course, if you want a more personal touch on scholarship databases I would recommend this site,, for women and for any neutral observer looking for strange scholarships they can easily get.

Merit based scholarships are often a popular option now-a-days as well. However, the thing about merit based scholarships is that it goes without saying that you have killer grades and a killer SAT or ACT score which not all students have. Of course, there are always athletic scholarships available for you athletes out there but I don’t know how good of a chance you have on that.

So, I recommend you adopt a method that allows you to mass apply for large quantities of scholarships since it will drastically improve your chances of winning. Remember, it only takes one successful application win to change your life forever.

Learn more about scholarships and grants by visiting the following sites: Scholarships For Girls With Brown Hair and Scholarships For Women In Ohio.

NY man arrested after DWI crash


On Dec-25th Suffolk County, NY Police, arrested a man named Ransom Soper for driving while intoxicated after his passenger was seriously injured when his vehicle struck a pole in Mastic Beach.

Ransom Soper was driving 1999 Ford Mustang southbound while intoxicated on Mastic Road when the vehicle struck a pole and injured his passenger severely.

The passenger in the Ford was airlifted by Suffolk County Police Helicopter to Stony Brook University Hospital where he was listed in serious condition.

DWI attorney NY Paul D. Petrus, Jr.1 says about DWI in NYC, -Legally, the original reason the officer stopped you need not be related to driving while intoxicated from alcohol or drugs. In fact, routine stops for broken taillights, out-dated registration or even cracked windshields have been upheld across the country as sufficient cause for officers to detain individuals and then to check symptoms for driving under the influence. In any given case, however, there may be grounds to have the case dismissed by the filing of a motion to suppress the evidence based upon an initial bad stop.- (Ref: The Law Office of Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates, P.C.,

If you have previously been convicted of a DWI in New York in the last 10 years, you may be charged and convicted of a felony DWI.

Soper, 22, of Bieselin Road, Bellport, was transported to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Vehicular Crime Unit detectives charged Soper with Driving While Intoxicated. He will be held overnight at the Seventh Precinct and is scheduled for arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip on December 25. The investigation is going on.

Disclaimer: The contents of this page are general in nature. Please use your discretion while following them. The author does not guarantee legal validity of the tips contained herein.

1.Paul D. Petrus, Jr.:Mr. Paul D. Petrus Jr. is a member of the New York State Bar Association and New York Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is a practicing New York criminal defense attorney. Mr. Petrus works in federal and state courts. If you are looking for a New York criminal defense attorney, call Paul D. Petrus Jr. at 212.385.1961 / 212.564.2440or you can e-mail . Office is located at the Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3601, New York, NY 10118. Visit more information.

Purchase Cheap Golf Bags If Your Character Is A Little Suspect


I’ve just finished a game of golf during which one of the group was, for reasons uknown, quite aggressive and rough with his golf bag. This example brought to mind a few of my favourite golf stories in connection with abuse of golf equipment around the course and why some individuals are better served buying cheap golf bags.

1.Golf bags cant swim – the very best story I ever heard concerning the abuse of the golf bag was the one regarding the guy who, after a truly awful round, was seen to throw his bag, clubs included, right into a lake which was next to the 18th green. He then stormed away and off to the car-park. 15 minutes later he returned and proceeded to wade in to the water up to his chest in an effort to retrieve his bag. Turned out that in his fit of pique he’d forgotten the bag contained his keys, wallet, mobile telephone and reading glasses. The guy was last seen searching for golf bags for sale which were waterproof and could swim!
2.Golf bags cant swim (2) – then there’s the tale of the golfer having an indifferent day around the course who, following a bad hole, slammed his putter in to the golf bag, that was sat upon an electric golf trolley. In performing this course of action he inadvertently touched the on button of the trolley, that was set at its fastest speed level. This caused the trolley to set off at great pace back down the very steep fairway the players had just climbed to reach the green. The golfer involved, although no slouch, set off to trap the wayward trolley but his efforts were all in vain. He managed to get to the bottom of the hill around 5 seconds after the trolley disappeared in to the scenic lake that lay in the path. The end result was much like in the last story!
3.Golf bags cant fly – in my part of the world there are many courses set high in the Pennine Hills and foothills. Additionally, there are some that aren’t only set high, but they are built around very old stone quarries. Best story I heard regarding this kind of environment was the chap who, upon reaching the green, discovered that his ball was in a bunker, plugged, right up against the lip, very nearly unplayable. Instead of taking the situation in his stride he completely lost his temper, snatching his sand iron from the golf bag, and proceeding to throw his golf bag to the side of the green. In normal circumstances he’d probably have gotten away with his actions. Aside from annoying his playing partners that is! However, as a result of his agitated state he totally underestimated his strength along with the distance he was hoping to toss the bag. Outcome was that the golf bag, the very expensive clubs and all his other gear, disappeared over the side of an exceedingly steep quarry face with a drop close to 100 feet. The bag, although badly out of shape, almost survived the fall but sadly for the golf clubs hardly any of them did. To say that the golfer had an embarrassed and sheepish look on his face would be an understatement!

There are more stories that come to mind regarding golf bag abuse that I will share another time. However, meanwhile if your character is a bit suspect round the course I’d strongly advise that you should only put money into cheap golf bags!

If, for whatever reason, you want to view a great assortment of cheap golf bags and cheap golf equipment from all the main internet retailers, consider our website where we’ve got some great offers on at the present time.

The Availability of Sports Supplements in Thailand


For many years, access to sports supplements in Thailand has been very limited and expensive. The cost alone has been prohibitive for the average Thai to gain access to quality supplements. Fortunately today, there is a wide variety of imported sports supplements such as whey protein available in Thailand at prices similar to that in Europe and Australia.

The registration process for food products in Thailand is notoriously complicated and expensive. For example, a whey protein product needs a separate registration for every size and flavor of essentially the same product. The entire process to register one product can end up costing several thousand dollars and there is no guarantee that the product will even be accepted. Another issue lies with supplement ingredients. The English ingredient needs to be checked against an approved ingredient list which is in Thai. Even though the ingredient exists, if its not in the Thai approved ingredient list chances are the product will be rejected. Fortunately today, the Thai FDA appears to be relaxing their registration process for sports supplements.

Companies such as Dymatize Nutrition and Optimum Nutrition now have official distributors in Thailand and their products are officially registered with the Thai FDA. Prior to this, sports supplements were often smuggled into the country and sold illegally usually at very high prices.

Musashi, an Australian supplement company, has been trading in Thailand for several years and had essentially cornered the market for supplements such as whey protein. Because of this, the company was able to charge extortionate prices giving them a bad reputation in Thailand.

Many new sports supplement retailers have emerged in the past year in Thailand making the market competitive. One such retailer, Phuket Health Shop, now has over 300 imported sports supplements in stock making them one of largest retailers of supplements in Thailand. Phuket Health Shop carries the worlds most popular brands of whey protein and sports supplements such as Dymatize, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Gaspari, USP Labs, AST, and CytoSport. As a high volume retailer, Phuket Health Shop offers extremely low prices and provides nationwide delivery of its products.

The sports supplement market in Thailand is set to explode. Thais are showing an increased interest in bodybuilding and sports such as mixed martial arts where events are often sponsored by supplement companies. Top quality whey protein can now be purchased at an average serving cost similar to that of a regular meal. Professional bodybuilders have become celebrities in Thailand and many young Thais idolize them. These are just a few of the many reasons this emerging industry is set for amazing growth.

Pirates Go Overboard To Find Volvos Sunken Treasure


Just two weeks remain for pirates and treasure hunters to find Volvos sunken treasure lying at the oceans bosom. The Volvo Car Corporations The Hunt is giving away a treasure chest full of gold doubloons and a key to a brand new Volvo XC90.

The new-generation global treasure hunting made famous by the Swedish automaker has lured more than 11,000 pirates and treasure hunters. Over the past two weeks, pirates’ in Volvo’s online search have ‘visited’ Cuba, the Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, Singapore and nine other global hot spots. Individuals nationwide have less than two weeks to join The Hunt. The latter is part of the automakers promotional tie-in with Disney’s upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The movie opens in U.S. theaters May 25.

“There’s still time to join the 11,000 people already navigating their way through The Hunt,” said Linda Gangeri, the national advertising manager for Volvo Cars of North America. “Clever pirates can catch up with The Hunt and test their online game skills right up until the puzzles close May 29. There might even be some helpful hints floating around the Internet for ambitious newcomers.”

To join The Hunt, participants 18 years old and older must visit a Volvo retailer to pick up a special pirate chart then register at the companys Web site any time between now and May 29. Winners will only be eligible if they can produce the original pirate chart upon conclusion of The Hunt. Once registered online, pirates could set sail on a virtual high seas adventure, sojourning exotic locations around the world and collecting clues that point to the treasure chests location. The participants have to solve a series of challenging and cool online puzzles to get the elusive treasure.

As the online search progresses, the puzzles will become increasingly difficult to solve. On the second day of June, the first person from each of the 22 participating markets to finish the online hunt will compete against one another in one final exciting online challenge. The first of those 22 individuals to solve the final puzzle will be named the winner and will be given a trip to the burial location to retrieve the chest filled with Volvos treasure.

In addition to the United States, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom also are taking part in The Hunt.

Earlier, the Swedish automaker has given ten spots where it did not sink its treasure. The spots include the Dead Sea, Red Sea, Sea of Love, Sea of Tranquility, Caspian Sea, Treasure Island, Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, Sea World and Watergate.

“Three-quarters of the earth’s surface is under water, so finding a sunken treasure chest is not going to be easy,” said Linda Gangeri, the national advertising manager for Volvo Cars of North America. “We want our hunt to be challenging, but we don’t want participants to become discouraged, so we thought we’d help narrow the playing field by revealing ten places where ‘X’ doesn’t mark the spot.”

“Okay, okay. Maybe it is a stretch to call The Hunt one of the greatest mysteries of the deep, but it certainly has got a lot of people flummoxed,” added Gangeri. “We thought some of our more prodigious participants might enjoy pitting their wit and skill against some age-old mysteries… but even if they solve them, the only way to get your hands on Volvo’s treasure is by joining our Hunt!”

The thrill of finding Volvos treasure chest is dramatically building up. And like Volvo pressure plates, the thrill is pressing harder and harder to intensify the escapade a bit farther. Who is going to be the lucky XC90 owner? We all will find out soon

Classic Car Restoration Four Tips for Storage


When it comes to classic car restoration, storage is actually one of the riskiest parts of any project. Whether you’re putting your car away for the winter, or you just can’t avoid stowing it in the heat, there are certain precautions you’ve got to take. Failure to properly prep your car for storage can lead to serious problems for your engine, pipes, body, and interior. If you want to make sure your car doesn’t deteriorate while you’re away, be sure to follow these five tips.

1. Pre-Storage Detailing

First, you’ll want to do deep, detailed cleaning of the outside and inside of your car. Begin by thoroughly washing the exterior from top to bottom. Get all of the road salts and buildup off from under the car, as even the smallest particles can facilitate the formation of rust. You can take your car to high-end car washes, but you should probably still wash the undercarriage yourself.

Next, wash the seats, dash, and every other surface of your interior. Even if they look clean, these areas are breeding grounds for bacteria. If you drive your car frequently, there may also be food particles or drink spills that could attract bugs.

2. Check your Fluids

Your fluids have got to be clean and fresh before you put your car into storage. One of the most important things to do is to change your motor oil. You should also grease any bearings or fittings, even if they don’t seem like they need lubrication. The current lube can dry up while you’re away, leading to dangerous and costly metal-on-metal contact.

Make sure to flush and refill your brake fluid, as well. Check your manual or consult an expert to find out what type of solution you need. Top off your gas tank, and use an additive to prevent it from absorbing water or turning to varnish. Finally, drain your coolant – just be sure to add it back in when you’re ready to drive away!

3. Safety and Protection

There a few additional steps you should take before stowing your car. First, take it on a twenty to thirty-minute run before you drive it to storage and empty the coolant. Once you’ve parked it, remove the battery, top the water off, and store it in a cool, dry place.

To protect your interior from excess moisture, put a couple of boxes of baking soda inside. This is especially important if you’re storing it in a humid area. Crack to windows to provide for circulation, and place a cover or rag into your tailpipe.

4. Pick the Right Region

Not every region is right for optimal storage. Even if you do take precautions against moisture, humid climates can lead to mildew in your upholstery and buildup in your fuel tank. On the other hand, cold areas can cause damage to your engine, transmission, and even chassis.

Secrets to Boosting your Testosterone


Low testosterone is a common problem in aging men. One which went undetected until very recently. And although it’s prevailingly common in aging men, there are plenty of ways to fix it, without too much trouble.

The main routes:

Natural Method

Chemical Method

One thing to note about both of these methods, is that although “natural” is usually synonymous with healthy, because we’re dealing with testosterone, which is a chemical itself, the “chemical method” is no less healthy than the natural method.

In fact, for best effects, both should be combined for a super healthy lifestyle. Although if you don’t have time for both, they’re both excellent options, and both will increase your health from where it is now.

So let’s get started.

The natural option

The natural option is all about using your body to increase its natural testosterone production, by doing all the things that trigger testosterone production naturally.

Unsurprisingly, these are most of the things you do, when your testosterone is in its height, during puberty.

The main activities you should be focusing on are;

Getting plenty of exercise

Getting plenty of Rest

Increasing you level of sexual activity

Eating well

And generally being active and adventurous

Don’t have time for all that?

Not to worry, the chemical method is just as healthy, and is a quick and easy way to boost your testosterone whilst on the go.

The only thing you have to do with this method is take a few supplements, regularly.

This is much like women taking oestrogen supplements, which is effectively for the same condition in women.

The cool thing about starting with testosterone supplements is that by taking them to boost your testosterone, you’ll naturally start doing more of the natural things mentioned above. They give you more energy, boost your libido, and generally make you more active. This works well, because as you start doing more of the natural things, your testosterone will rise even further, and it’ll create a nice cycle of testosterone production.

One thing to note however about supplements, is it will take a few weeks of taking them, before your testosterone levels are back to normal, so don’t worry if you’re not feeling the effect immediately.

Once you get them though, you’ll definitely be feeling more rejuvenated and energetic.

High School Football Scouting – Videos for Recruiters


During the high school football scouting process, you might start to notice some differences between high school and college football. One thing that I notice that is different for me from high school to college football is the speed of the game is faster. Everyone is faster, even the big guys. Your ‘O’ line, your ‘D’ line, your linebackers, your tight-end – everyone’s bigger. They’re all bigger and they’re all faster. Wide-receivers are a lot quicker. That’s one thing that I noticed in high school football scouting.

Because of that one fact that everyone’s bigger faster and stronger than they were in high school, you have to become a student of the game. What that means is that you’re going to spend just as much time watching film, learning plays, and running through plays as you do in school – because that’s how you get the edge. It’s a whole new level of play – after high school scouting – once you get to the college football level, especially if it’s a D1 level.

One way that faith and your beliefs will play into college football: You have to have a strong belief in yourself and you have to have faith that things are going to work out the way that they’re supposed to, even when the don’t. You have to be ready for the worst, but you have to hope for the best. Believe in yourself, know that you can do whatever you want to do, no matter what anybody tells you. If somebody tells you that you can’t do something that should give you more of a drive to do it and to make yourself better.” -Jayson Rego (Running back for the University of Hawaii)

“I want to talk to you today about football recruiting videos (highlight videos). Coaches use football recruiting highlight videos as one of their main tools for recognizing players and evaluating them. There are some misconceptions about highlight videos – a lot of people think that you have to have fancy music or cool effects. Really, your highlight video should have – first of all – it should have all of your best plays in the beginning, because most coaches will only look at your highlight video for about 15 or 30 seconds and make a decision about you after that. It sounds unfair, but you want to make sure that you put your best plays in the beginning so that the coaches get to see what your potential is.

Also, one thing that helps is editing your videos. If you just have raw footage, a lot of times it’s hard for coaches to follow you – they won’t know where you are on a play. You want to make it as easy as possible for the coach to see you, recognize you, and notice your good plays. Therefore, editing is very helpful – just show them where you are before the play by freeze-framing for a second and highlighting where you are, and then letting the play run. A good football recruiting highlights videos can definitely help you get noticed by college coaches.” -Joshua Rice (former football player for the University of Hawaii)

“I want to talk to you a little bit about what to expect on an official or unofficial visit with college football recruiters or coaches. More specifically – I know it sounds silly, but – what to wear. You want to be able to make a good first impression on the coach – you don’t want to look sloppy or look bad. So what I recommend is wearing a nice shirt (maybe a polo shirt) and khaki pants – something comfortable, but also something you’ll look nice in. Because you want to be confident when you’re talking to college football recruiters or coaches, and if you look confident you’ll feel confident and then you’ll come off as confident. First impressions is a big part of making connections with people, especially if you’re talking to someone like a coach who you want to make a good impression on.

So, I know if sounds silly, but dressing nice on a visit where you’re talking to a coach is definitely very important. It’s a little bit flexible, depending on where you go. For instance – I went to Hawaii, and because of the culture and the climate I wore khaki shorts and a polo shirt with slippers, which was perfectly acceptable, but I still looked presentable. That’s one thing you want to keep in mind when you’re talking to college football recruiters or coaches and making your visits to different colleges.” -Joshua Rice (former football player for the University of Hawaii)

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