The Availability of Sports Supplements in Thailand


For many years, access to sports supplements in Thailand has been very limited and expensive. The cost alone has been prohibitive for the average Thai to gain access to quality supplements. Fortunately today, there is a wide variety of imported sports supplements such as whey protein available in Thailand at prices similar to that in Europe and Australia.

The registration process for food products in Thailand is notoriously complicated and expensive. For example, a whey protein product needs a separate registration for every size and flavor of essentially the same product. The entire process to register one product can end up costing several thousand dollars and there is no guarantee that the product will even be accepted. Another issue lies with supplement ingredients. The English ingredient needs to be checked against an approved ingredient list which is in Thai. Even though the ingredient exists, if its not in the Thai approved ingredient list chances are the product will be rejected. Fortunately today, the Thai FDA appears to be relaxing their registration process for sports supplements.

Companies such as Dymatize Nutrition and Optimum Nutrition now have official distributors in Thailand and their products are officially registered with the Thai FDA. Prior to this, sports supplements were often smuggled into the country and sold illegally usually at very high prices.

Pirates Go Overboard To Find Volvos Sunken Treasure


Just two weeks remain for pirates and treasure hunters to find Volvos sunken treasure lying at the oceans bosom. The Volvo Car Corporations The Hunt is giving away a treasure chest full of gold doubloons and a key to a brand new Volvo XC90.

The new-generation global treasure hunting made famous by the Swedish automaker has lured more than 11,000 pirates and treasure hunters. Over the past two weeks, pirates’ in Volvo’s online search have ‘visited’ Cuba, the Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, Singapore and nine other global hot spots. Individuals nationwide have less than two weeks to join The Hunt. The latter is part of the automakers promotional tie-in with Disney’s upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The movie opens in U.S. theaters May 25.

“There’s still time to join the 11,000 people already navigating their way through The Hunt,” said Linda Gangeri, the national advertising manager for Volvo Cars of North America. “Clever pirates can catch up with The Hunt and test their online game skills right up until the puzzles close May 29. There might even be some helpful hints floating around the Internet for ambitious newcomers.”

Classic Car Restoration Four Tips for Storage


When it comes to classic car restoration, storage is actually one of the riskiest parts of any project. Whether you’re putting your car away for the winter, or you just can’t avoid stowing it in the heat, there are certain precautions you’ve got to take. Failure to properly prep your car for storage can lead to serious problems for your engine, pipes, body, and interior. If you want to make sure your car doesn’t deteriorate while you’re away, be sure to follow these five tips.

1. Pre-Storage Detailing

First, you’ll want to do deep, detailed cleaning of the outside and inside of your car. Begin by thoroughly washing the exterior from top to bottom. Get all of the road salts and buildup off from under the car, as even the smallest particles can facilitate the formation of rust. You can take your car to high-end car washes, but you should probably still wash the undercarriage yourself.

High School Football Scouting – Videos for Recruiters


During the high school football scouting process, you might start to notice some differences between high school and college football. One thing that I notice that is different for me from high school to college football is the speed of the game is faster. Everyone is faster, even the big guys. Your ‘O’ line, your ‘D’ line, your linebackers, your tight-end – everyone’s bigger. They’re all bigger and they’re all faster. Wide-receivers are a lot quicker. That’s one thing that I noticed in high school football scouting.

Because of that one fact that everyone’s bigger faster and stronger than they were in high school, you have to become a student of the game. What that means is that you’re going to spend just as much time watching film, learning plays, and running through plays as you do in school – because that’s how you get the edge. It’s a whole new level of play – after high school scouting – once you get to the college football level, especially if it’s a D1 level.

One way that faith and your beliefs will play into college football: You have to have a strong belief in yourself and you have to have faith that things are going to work out the way that they’re supposed to, even when the don’t. You have to be ready for the worst, but you have to hope for the best. Believe in yourself, know that you can do whatever you want to do, no matter what anybody tells you. If somebody tells you that you can’t do something that should give you more of a drive to do it and to make yourself better.” -Jayson Rego (Running back for the University of Hawaii)

Golf Instruments That You Need To Start Competing


Golfing is usually a game of perfection while using club to hit the ball. When you are in the golf course, you will learn that the particular acceleration of the wind is different and also the course where it blows. Good players can correctly hit the ball by determining the club that will fit the wind power.

If you’re really serious in golfing, you ought to follow the rules and restrictions when selecting clubs. If you are just golfing with colleagues for fun and have no intention of being a master golf player, you may pick golf clubs that violates the guidelines and increase the probability of good hits. These will be the golf tools that you need to begin golfing.

The balls in the playing golf have different characteristic. The regular golf ball weighs 1.62 ounces and a diameter of 1.68 inches. The ball can be quite hard or perhaps a little bit softer. Don’t forget that the harder the golf ball, the even farther it could travel. The much softer ball, you will have greater control on spin and distance.

Top Ten Reason a Scam Sports Book


A sports bettor has a difficult enough time attempting to beat The odds without adding extra risk by not researching his Sports book or monitoring its business. Just as a racecar driver Will always check his equipment and wear his seatbelt, the sports Bettor should monitor his vehicle to protect himself. Driving in The fast lane does not mean driving reckless. Along with playing At only top tier sports books, there are many traffic signs a Player can watch for to avoid the highway pile up.

1. If a Sports book that has never offered a bonus over 10%, now Offers a 25% Bonus with a low roll over. 2. If a Sports book offers a High Bonus with Reduced Juice – or Other combination of offerings that look too good to be true, it Probably is. 3. A Sports book with Obscure or Soft Lines can only mean one of Two things: a lack of volume or that the book itself is gambling On events. 4. When things are not going so well, a Sports book will increase Prices. This alone is not a sign of problems. But if you see this With any of the other items on this list, the book may be in Trouble. 5. Keep an eye on a Sportsbooks marketing campaigns? Watch for Anything out of the ordinary – new or drastic changes like cold Calling or excessive bonuses can represent a change in target Audience or utter desperation. 6. If a Sports book representative posts a message in the forums Thats a too good to be true “just for you” offer – the book may Be getting ready to run for the hills. 7. If there is a sudden stop of all book-to-book transfers – Theres a good chance it is due to at least one book halting Transfers with them first. No one knows more about your house Than your neighbor. 8. When a Sportsbook has frequent changes in management and Shareholders – there is a new risk to the players. 9. When there is a slow/no pay dispute over a large amount of Money from other player(s) – the book may be having financial Troubles and cant pay. 10. If you are given excuses for non payout or your account is Audited after the payout process is initiated the book may be Stalling.

If you know what to look for, you dont need to be paranoid. Sometimes you smell smoke and there is no fire, and sometimes the Scent leads to a life saving evacuation. In this industry, you Have to sniff extra hard because there is no safety net. It is Completely unregulated (with Australia being our exception) and Only you are responsible for your funds.